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Welcome to 2009.

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What are you doing here?

Look at this website. I did this back in 2009. Do you know how old that is?

  • James Cameron's "Avatar" came out
  • So did "The Hangover"... One
  • Barack Obama took office
  • We found the Fundamental Lemma
  • And Jersey Shore's first season started in December.
In other words, I have been doing other things instead of updating this site. Until then, though, visit The Natework and The Nateway for the latest on my work! :)


Or if you're into history, hurray! Please, read on!


~ Nathan Bedrick, March 12, 2015

HTML and CSS Skills - May 2009 Image of R & M Manufacturing, Inc.

Description is an incorporation that takes care of many important parts regarding construction, automated assembly, machine tooling, and more. Their website was to be built inside the Insight Builder 2 proprietary CMS of my employer.

Unique Challenges:

Again, little time, but with a full array of things to be finished. IB2 Content Tree, XSLT sheets to transform the content tree's contents into webpages, and as characteristic of this section, HTML and CSS template.

What I would Change:

I would prefer mouseover effects on links throughout the R&M website-- currently, nothing happens on body content links, although links elsewhere (Menu, boxes, footers) all change. Might've included a color change at some places (EG: Header menu). Furthermore, I would have some sort of visible change of the logo when somebody mouses over it, so they know they're intending to go home.

Unique Touches by Me:

After the menu and the header, made the content come second. This helps SEO, as far as I've heard. The menu on the left only shows up near the bottom of the website, since those links are repeated. Also did a 'suckerfish', CSS-only dropdown menu. While left: -999 may be detected by some search engines, it again keeps things simplistic. - February 2009 Image of National Sales Associates

Description is a backup tape sales and recycling organization. Their website was to be static HTML. I did more than a HTML website-- I did the Flash animations, some content migration, and conceived a SHTML-include system for the website that would be easy to maintain. See below.

Unique Challenges:

Tons of content. There was no way this content could be easily managed by HTML. Had to achieve the most with minimal time-- this includes minimal mistake correction.

I was requested to create the flash banner at the top of every page, but was given minimal direction.

What I would Change:

The top navigation menu could have been handled better. I feel like 'Contact', as it now sits, is lonely and mis-spaced. I would have worked a bit more on the flash-- I feel like the shadow behind the spinning recycle logo could have been improved. Finally, I would've upgraded the content of some pages. To save time, I was told to use the content copied from the original website by a freelancer. Ergo, some pages look a bit messy, even if I took a few moments to improve them.

Unique Touches by Me:

Innovated the idea to code the website entirely in "SHTML" includes. The website now is less difficult to manage, and is much more easily configured. Original version of the website had more 'underline' and mouseover effects. On pages within the "Backup Tape" section, I was relatively proud of the simple CSS menu I created on the left. - December 2008/January 2009 Image of

Description was a new sub-brand of my employer that intended to provide more affordable web solutions for new clients.

Unique Challenges:

Second website to be put into the SilverStripe CMS by our company. Required specially designed form pages which had to fulfill the SilverStripe requirements, yet stay close to designs provided.

What I would Change:

Links are black and underlined, which is great, but they turn bold upon hovering. This messes up the text as laid out-- I would prefer to remove this effect, or to employ a workaround. I would make a below unique touch a normal font-size. I would also enhance more link hovers, as the two big boxes on the homepage could use a bit more sprucing up.

Unique Touches by Me:

The header image is a simple <a> tag formatted by CSS to be an invisible box on top of However, there is text inside this A tag. Because the font is small, Google may intend to ignore it, but text-only browsers or handicapped users will still benefit from it. This is true of many other link boxes on this page. Hovers were only suggested for the main navigation. All other hovers I came up with and provided. - October 2008 Image of Mocera, VIsconti & Company CPAs LLP's website

Description are a collection of CPAs who reside in Woburn, MA. They have years of experience, and this was to rebuild a website of theirs built earlier than 2005.

Unique Challenges:

First website to be put into the SilverStripe CMS by our company. Non-standard SilverStripe pages had to be built, and widgets had to be enabled.

What I would Change:

I would create styling for the News page.

Unique Touches by Me:

Suckerfish, CSS and HTML only menus, CSS stylised in such a way that various parts of the page would be highlighted only by a change in the ID tag of the page. Homepage features a pretty simple and stylized CSS list on the left.

Flash: Animation & Actionscripting

Kalahari Tea Homepage Flash Animation - February 2009 Image of Flash area used at the Kalahari Tea site.


Kalahari Tea sells a wide variety of teas, including their delicious Rooibos blends.

Unique Challenges:

I was given one Photoshop file that made four JPG compositions-- each composition was to reflect one part of the Kalahari Flash. I was told to make the flash from this file. What I created surprised my Project Managers and the client, which I am proud of.

What I would Change:

It irritates me slightly that, in the 'Red Tea' section, you can see a faint border of the fields. Specifically, when the scene is changing, you can see the border of the fields image through the transparency of the wooden room the person is in. Also: I would have altered the 'pop over' sensitivity of the fisheye menu I coded at the bottom. If I recall, the bug that the menu 'suddenly pops up' when you go towards the teas from the top, is because the design has a "View all ___ Teas" link right within the menu's reach.

Unique Touches by Me:

Instead of simply fading the scenes in and out, I turned each background and scene into a '3D' situation by animating the two moving in various parralax motions (Red & Energy teas). - Mid 2008 Image of Flash at the Ocean Abstracts Website

Description is a gallery of Fern Wood Mitchell's macroscopic pictures of undersea life. To be honest, I'm a fan of so many of these.

Unique Challenges:

Time was not ample, but I was to code a 'floating' set of images, which push the old images into the background and float up to the viewer.

What I would Change:

If I had more time, I would have coded the 'floating' with actual actionscript. As it is, I had to code it with four motion tweens which are randomly chosen.

Unique Touches by Me:

Cool 'loading' screen, in my opinion. Made the ability to add more images at will, with minimal additional coding. Switched between two images-- the 'low resolution' ones that float around, and the 'high resolution' ones shown to the viewer-- this is because I believe Fern Wood's pictures are impressive because of their coloration and detail. A low quality image at a large size would have been simply unfitting.

A Failure at Boxing Animation Image of the Failure at Boxing animation


I was inspired by a friend's statement ("When I punch punching bags, they punch back."), and animated a quick video of it.

Gradius Clone Game Image of the Flash Gradius Clone


Done for my Flash Coding class to make a game that works in Flash. Actionscript 1. NOTE: Unfortunately, the instructions are incorrect. Also, "Missiles" were intended to be "Homing Missiles", which were never finished. Hit detection in Flash is quite poor.

Revised Instructions

G: Switch to Selected Weapon. F: Cycle weapon select to the Right D: Cycle weapon select to the Left.
A: Turn the selected power into an option. S: Spend an upgrade/powerup on the bordered/selected power.

Cheat Code so you can play with powerups

It's the Konami Code. Use the B and A keys on the keyboard. I have the feeling that the right place for me to work will know the Konami code.

Breakfast For Dinner (animation) Image of the simple Kitchen Cooking animation


Done for my Flash Coding class to show I grasp the nature of motion tweens.

Design and Artistry

CD Cover for a friend's independent CD (2006)Image of finished CD Cover


A friend wanted me to do the image for his CD's cover.

After finishing, I don't believe he's published his CD sadly.




"The Fundamentals" Concert Poster-- Graphic Design homework in a Multimedia class (2004) Image of simple Venue Poster


Sample poster for a Media Design fundamentals class. It had a flash portion, but earlier in the course was an Illustrator section.


Create a poster for an event involving a band called "The Fundamentals" and their performance. Had to have specific numbers, dates, and other information on it.

Incomplete - Listing is Not The Best

There is more to show, but it cannot be shown.

In summary, a majority of my more notable projects are not released yet, have already been released and are no longer valid, never WILL be released, or were part of a concept phase that never proceeded. Ergo, because of this, a lot of my work has never been posted on the internet. On that note, it's not in a public domain, so I cannot show it.

I have done projects involving:

  • Two flash files, both managed by Javascript. Goal: To promote a bank's new checking plan
  • A worker's union website that has an hour remittance form for contractors-- includes javascript field addition and deletion.
  • A website that allows for the trading of credits between users-- includes many features.
  • A flash animation about a Grandfather and grandchild star who go fishing, catch a fish, and promote a webdesigner's company.
  • A Flash Actionscript program that creates an 'iTunes' like gallery of four images, and flips between them.
  • Four websites that are slightly altered versions of my orignial design, all connected to one union
  • ... and more ...